Academic Planning

DDHS Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a Delavan-Darien High School diploma, students complete 24 credits.  Credits are distributed as follows:

Academic AreaGraduation Requirements
English4 credits in English to include:
English 9 OR English 9 Honors
English 10 OR English 10 Honors
English 11 plus one elective OR AP Prep English
English 12 plus one elective OR AP Prep English or AP English
Social Studies Classes of 2017 and 2018
3 credits to include:
• World Geography
• US History or AP US History
• European History to 1500 (1/2 credit) OR Modern European History 1500 (1/2 credit) OR 20th Century World History (1/2 credit)
• American Political Systems (1/2 credit) OR AP Government and Politics (1 credit)
Classes of 2019-2020
3 credits to include:
• Contemporary US History
• Global Studies
• American Political System (1/2 Credit)
• Social Studies Elective (1/2 Credit)
ScienceClasses of 2017 - 2020:
3 credits to include:
• Biological Science (1 credit) - the Biology course is required for 9th grade.
• Physical Science (1 credit)
• Elective Credits (1 credit)
MathematicsClass of 2017 - 2020: 3 credits
Physical Education and HealthA minimum of 1.5 credits in Physical Education. Students must take 3 different classes. Students must also complete 1/2 credit in Health.
9th – PE 9 and Health
10th – PE Elective
11th – PE Elective
Fine ArtsA minimum of 1/2 credit in grades 9 through 12 in Art, World Language or Music.
Career and Technical EducationA minimum of 1/2 credit in grades 9 through 12 in Agriculture Science, Business Education, Family & Consumer Science, or Technology & Engineering.
Financial LiteracyThe class Personal Finance (or Sustainable Urban Agriculture) 1/2 credit, is a requirement for graduation. This may be taken Junior or Senior year. (Note: Personal Finance does NOT apply toward the Career and Technical Education requirement.)
ElectivesClass of 2017 - 2020: Total 7 1/2 credits


Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 must attempt a minimum of 7 credits per year.  Students in grade 12 must attempt a minimum of 6 credits.

Elective credits must include a minimum of one course in the Career & Technical Education Departments (Agricultural Science, Business Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Technology & Engineering) and a minimum of one course in Fine Arts (Art, Music, World Languages).

Are you thinking about applying to a 4-year college or university?

College preparatory course requirements generally include*:

4 English

3 Mathematics

3 Natural Science

3 Social Science

4 Academic Electives (2 credits from a single foreign language required for UW-Eau Claire and UW-Madison.)

More information about post-secondary planning.

DDHS has a long tradition of students going to colleges and universities across the country. We encourage all of our students to consider continuing their education at the college of their choice.

College admission offices may consider the following when reviewing your application:

  • College Preparatory Course-load
  • Class Rank
  • Grade Point Average
  • ACT/SAT Scores
  • Student Experiences
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Motivation
  • Community Service
  • Special Talents
  • Other factors may also be considered*

(*Verify admission requirements with the school of your choice.)