Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school and all school-sponsored events. The following are guidelines for students dress and grooming at D-DHS.

Students must be fully clothed at all times. Bare midriffs, straps less than one and one-half inches (1.5″) in width, or see-through garments without proper undergarments are not permissible.

  • Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • No swimwear or sleepwear is permissible.
  • Any form of headwear is not to be worn in the building.
  • No undergarments should be visible.
  • Inappropriate pictures, words, or messages on apparel, on the student, or in the student’s possession will not be permitted. This includes clothing advertising drugs, weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco, containing profanity, having sexual connotations, or gang related.
  • Sunglasses, chains, apparel with spikes, dog collars, or other objects on or with the student determined to be inappropriate by the school administration shall not be permitted in the building.
  • Coats must be placed in lockers immediately upon entering the building.
  • Clothing, jewelry, tattoos, or other personal items which are associated with any illegal activity, satanic cult, gang activity, or hate group shall not be worn or displayed by any students.

In no case will D-DHS allow dress or grooming that would, in the opinion of the administration, be:

  • disruptive or interfere with the learning process;
  • unsafe or harmful;
  • not in keeping with good health standards;
  • the cause of excessive maintenance problems, such as cleats on boots, shoes that scratch floors or trousers with metal inserts that scratch furniture;
  • considered vulgar or indecent.

Examples of what to wear/what not to wear