College Credit, Adv. Placement, and Youth Options

Course Coding

Courses in this education guide may have the following codes attached to them:

  • S= Standard Course – these are general courses
  • TC = Transcripted College Credit – courses may receive transcripted credit
  • AC= Advanced Standing Credit
  • H = Honors Course – course content is rigorous
  • ACC = Accelerated Credit – course content is rigorous and course may receive weighted credit
  • AP = Advanced Placement – course content prepares students to succeed in college. Students may sit for the AP exam to become eligible to earn college credit
  • SE = Special Education – specially designed instruction to allow students to reach their full potential.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) is a collaborative effort between motivated students, dedicated teachers, and committed high schools, colleges, and universities.  Since its inception in 1955, the program has allowed millions of students to take college-level courses and exams, and to earn college credit or placement while still in high school. Nearly 60 percent of United States high schools currently participate in AP, and most of the nation’s colleges and universities have an AP policy granting incoming students credit, placement, or both for qualifying AP exam grades.

The Advanced Placement Program is best known for giving high school students the opportunity to earn college credit, to save on college tuition, and even graduate early from college.  AP offers students additional benefits as well, including:

  • AP allows high school students to take courses that are challenging, rigorous, and in-depth.
  • AP prepares students to succeed in college.  Answers in the Tool Box, a recent United States Department of Education study, reports that participation in AP and other challenging high school courses is one of the strongest predictors of college success.
  • The credits students earn for their AP achievements enable students to travel abroad, or to undertake a combined bachelor’s and master’s program.
  • Students may also take more advanced courses in disciplines where they have received a firm grounding from AP.

Students who participate in AP are ultimately given the responsibility to reason, analyze, and understand for themselves.  Such intellectual training inevitably helps them succeed in college, where these skills are essential. All students are strongly encouraged to take at least one Advanced Placement course while in high school.

Students who sign up for Advanced Placement courses will be expected to take the AP Exam in May.  The cost for this exam will be approximately $90.00.  Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch who are taking an AP course will not be denied the ability to take an Advanced Placement exam due to financial need.

Delavan-Darien High School offers the following Advanced Placement courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics I
  • Environmental Science
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • United States History
  • European History
  • Human Geography
  • U.S. Government and Politics
  • Psychology
  • English Literature (English 12)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Studio Art: 2D
  • Studio Art: Drawing/3D
  • Music Theory

Articulated Credits

Articulated Credits

The articulated credit program is a collaborative effort between Delavan-Darien High School, Gateway Technical College and 4-year Universities. Students may receive college credit or advanced standing credit in the courses listed below. There is no cost to the student to take these courses.

There are two types of college credit:

Transcripted credit — The student may enroll in Gateway as a college student. When the course is completed the student may receive a transcript from Gateway with their grade and GPA. These are college courses taught in the high school. Transcripted credit courses also may receive accelerated weighting at the high school.

Advanced Standing credit — Advanced Standing credit is offered to students that complete the course with a “B” or better. The course may be noted as a Gateway audited course with credit given, but no grade. Gateway may then help the student determine where the course will fit in their college plan. The student may be allowed to advance to the next level course if it meets the prerequisite requirement.

Gateway Transcripted Credit Courses

DDHS Course TitleGateway Course Title and NumberCredits
Physical Earth and AG ScienceSoils and Plant Nutrition 001-1413
Greenhouse ManagementGreenhouse Crops 001-1513
Landscape DesignIntro to Landscape Design 001-1403
Sustainable Urban AgricultureUrban Farming & Market Gardening 001-1-13
Intro to MarketingMarketing Principles 104-1013
Consumer LawBusiness Law 102-1603
Principles of HospitalityIntro to Service in the Hospitality Industry 109-1013
Services in the Hospitality IndustryPrinciples of Hospitality 109-1223
Engineering Design and DevelopmentFuture Trends in Electronics 605-1833

Lakeshore Technical College Transcripted Credit Courses

DDHS Course TitleLakeshore Tech. Course Title and NumberCredits
Intro to Animal AgricultureIntro to Animal Science 100061143

University of Iowa – Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship Transcripted Credit Courses

DDHS Course TitleUniv. of Iowa Course Title and NumberCredits
EntrepreneurshipExploring Entrepreneurship ENTR:10103

Gateway Advanced Standing Courses

DDHS Course TitleGateway Course Title and NumberCredits
Bio Science/Animal SciencePlant Biology 001-1073
Accounting (full year)Accounting Principles 101-1144
Business & Personal FinancePersonal Financial Planning 114-1013
Business ConceptsIntroduction to Business 1-2-1373
KeyboardingKeyboarding Applications 106-137 OR
Keyboarding 106-126
Web Page DesignWeb Pages for the Office 106-1992
Computer ApplicationsMicrosoft Powerpoint 103-110 AND
Microsoft Powerpoint II 103-111 AND
Microsoft Access 103-105 AND
Microsoft Excel 103-102 AND
Microsoft Excel II 103-105
Civil Engineering and Architecture PLTW**Introduction to Civil Engineering & Architecture 607-1032
Digital Electronics PLTW ** Digital Electronics 605-1304
Intro to Engineering Design PLTW **Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Technology 606-149 AND
Introduction to AutoCAD Inventor 606-139
Principles of Engineering PLTW **Future Trends in Electronics 605-1833

**The UW-System, Marquette University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Purdue and many other engineering schools give advanced standing for completion of Project Lead the Way coursework.

Youth Options

Youth Options

Youth Options is a State of Wisconsin program which allows juniors and seniors to take courses NOT offered by the school district at a state university, technical college, or a participating state private college or university. Students who are in good academic standing and meet course entry requirements may apply to take one or more courses that count toward high school graduation.

Deadlines: The enrollment deadline for fall courses is March 1 of the previous school year; the enrollment deadline for spring is October 1 for the current school year. See your counselor in Student Services for additional information and an application.

Approval of application is done by the School Board and the district would pay the cost of tuition for courses not comparable to those available at the high school. Transportation is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents.