PE500 Physical Education 9

PE500 Physical Education 9
PE500 Physical Education 9

Physical Education 9 is a preview of all the physical education courses offered. Students will be trained on proper use of fitness and strength training equipment.


  • Understand that leading an active lifestyle will help improve longevity and overall mental, social and physical well-being
  • Demonstrate responsible personal and social engagement that promotes success during team and individual activities
  • Understand the various fitness components and THGZ will help maintain a health enhancing level of fitness
  • Create and implement a fitness program to help maintain or achieve healthy fitness levels
  • Demonstrate that exposure to a variety of activities will provide opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interactions
  • Assess personal fitness levels and set fitness goals for the semester
  • Demonstrate competency and proficiency in many forms of movement
  • Apply concepts and principles of movement to the learning and development of physical skills
  • Demonstrate safe behaviors when using exercise and sporting equipment
  • Understand that safe practices in water safety will help to prevent dangerous outcomes