The following Frequently Asked Questions were developed by the DDHS Parent Advisory Committee to help parents and students find answers to things they should know about Delavan-Darien High School.

When is orientation for new students and freshmen?

Freshman orientation happens on the first full day of school. Orientation includes a building tour, an opportunity to meet with veteran students about student life, a walkthrough of the student’s schedule, and an orientation with counselors and administrators.

How do students choose classes?

Class selection happens in early February. Homeroom teachers and counselors work with students. The Education Guide contains information about courses and course offerings. It is available online. A Course Selection Night occurs in early February and allows students and parents to meet with teachers and ask questions about classes.

How do Parent-Teacher conferences work at DDHS?

Parent –Teacher conferences occur in the fall and spring of the school year. Conferences for regular education classes are held in the Main Gymnasium. Special Education teachers are available to meet with parents in their classrooms. Unless requested by a parent, conferences are not at a particularly scheduled time. If a parent would like a longer conference with a teacher, please schedule that meeting with the individual teacher.

What school supplies are needed?

Generally, students are to come to school on the first day with pencils, pens, folders, some notebooks and some loose-leaf paper. Specific materials needed will be explained by the teacher on the first day. Because supplies vary based on the student’s courses, it is difficult to supply a list for every course of the supplies needed. Some mathematics courses will need calculators, and those are identified in the Education Guide.

What is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is an online program that allows parents and students the opportunity to login and look at their student’s progress in each class. This is called the “Parent Portal.” Parents will receive login information at the beginning of the school year.

What is the school policy regarding electronic devices?

Cell phones and all electronic media are to be kept off during the school day. Students may use these items before and after school.

What is the school dress code?

  • Students are expected to dress appropriately for school and school sponsored events. The following are guidelines for student dress and grooming:
  • Students must be fully clothed at all times. Bare midriffs, straps less than one and one-half inches in width, or see-through garments without proper undergarments are not permissible.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times.
  • No swimwear or sleepwear is permissible.
  • Any form of head wear is not to be worn in the building.
  • No undergarments should be visible.
  • Inappropriate pictures, words, or messages on apparel, on the students, or in the student’s possession will not be permitted.
  • Sunglasses, chains, apparel with spikes, dog collars, or other objects on or with the student determined to be inappropriate by the school administration shall not be permitted in the building.
  • Coats must be placed in lockers.
  • Clothing, jewelry, tattoos, or other personal items which are associated with any illegal activity, satanic cults, or gang activity shall not be worn or displayed by students.

More information about the dress code can be found in the

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PE uniforms – can they wear the Phoenix ones here?

There is a DDHS Physical Education shirt that is to be worn for class. Uniforms may be purchased in the Comet Store or during registration in August. Cost for the shirt is $9. There are no uniform shorts and you may wear the same shirt as Phoenix.

How do lockers work?

Each student is assigned a locker at the beginning of the year in which to keep personal belongings and schools materials. Students are to keep the locker locked at all times. The school discourages students from sharing lockers. The locks are built into the students’ lockers.

Students also are provided a locker for their Physical Education class. Locks may be purchased for $6.00 at the Comet Store or from the Physical Education teacher. Students are strongly encouraged to keep all possessions locked at all times.

Community service options – how does it all work?

All Delavan-Darien students may complete a minimum of 40 hours of approved community service (unpaid helpful acts that benefit another person or the community) through the high school SERVE program in order to qualify for a diploma and transcript endorsement. This program may be completed anytime during the four years of high school, including the summer before ninth grade. Forms explaining the program endorsement procedures are available in the main office. The form must be filled out and turned in to the main office in the year the service occurred.

Students are reminded that several scholarships require documented community service and it is a determining factor in several others. No more than 20 hours for any single project may be counted in a single year.

Members of the National Honor Society have a community service requirement.

How will I know about my child’s graduation?

Graduation is a very important part of the students’ four years at DDHS. During the senior year, students will begin to receive a variety of mailings and announcements about graduation in December or January.

How can I find out about daily announcements?

Parents may view the Daily Bulletin each day. It is posted to our online Parent Portal.

What are the procedures used when my child is going to be absent from school?

  • When my student is absent what should I do? The parent/guardian must call 728-2642 extension 4926, or 728-2642 extension 4406 any time within 24 hours and leave a message with the student’s name, grade, who is calling and the reason that the student is missing. If you wish to speak to the attendance secretary, use extension 4406 between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. This will give us the information we need to determine if the absence is excused or not. State law gives this responsibility to the school. Absences not cleared within five school days will not be excused.
  • What do I do if we are going on a planned vacation or a college trip, etc.? The student is to bring a note from the parent and make a phone call to the attendance office at least one week ahead of time. It will be attached to a prearranged absence form that teachers will fill out indicating if the student is caught up, can afford to miss class, and/or work assigned. It must be turned in to the attendance office prior to the student leaving for it to be excused. It is the student’s responsibility to get all signatures and assignments.
  • What does the student do if he/she becomes ill at school? Students must go to the nurse’s office or one of the other offices if the nurse is not available. The nurse or secretary will then call for permission for the student to go home. He/she must then present the pass at the attendance window and sign out.
  • What do I do if my son or daughter has an appointment during the day? The student brings a note or a phone call is made from the parent with students name, where he/she is going, and the time that he/she will leave. The student brings the note to the attendance window before the school day begins to receive a permission slip. At the appointed time, the student shows the permission slip to his/her teacher and signs out at the attendance window.
  • Absences such as doctor appointments, dentist appointments, or professional visits, should be verified by bringing back an office document or getting the student’s pass signed or stamped and returning it to attendance office upon re-entry to school. Upon return the student must sign in at the attendance window. Each student gets 10 parental excuses per year per state statute; appointments verified will get marked as a professional visit. If no verification is brought back, it will then be recorded as a parent excused absence.
  • What will happen if the student is out of school for an extended time or on a regular basis? It has been Delavan-Darien’s policy to ask for a professional verification after three consecutive days of absence or if a student is missing on a regular basis due to an ongoing medical/or other condition.
  • How does Delavan-Darien’s attendance system work? The teacher in the classroom takes student attendance each period. Parent phone calls resulting in an excused absence or prearranged absence/field trip school sponsored activity are entered in the computer. Phone calls will be generated letting you know if your student has missed any periods. The next day a student who was marked absent who did not have a prearranged or parent excused absence receives an absence slip in their first hour class. He/she has the school day to talk to the teacher involved if an error occurred, have the teacher sign the absence slip and then return to the attendance office. If there was no error or the student does not return an absent slip, the student will be marked truant for that period or school day. If parent/guardian has forgotten to call in, he/she will have 24 hours to call or submit a note to the attendance office or the absent will remain as truant.

How parents can receive information?

Communication with parents is also provided in a variety of formats. These include a monthly newsletter called the Comet Connection which is available to parents in either hard copy or online. Special messages are delivered via phone and email via our parent messaging system.

How do students receive information?

Communication with students happens in a variety of ways. School announcements are made each day over the school’s public address system. Copies of those announcements are also posted in a display case near the Associate Principal’s office. In addition, those announcements can be found on PowerSchool under the Daily Announcement link. Students meet in homerooms once each week to learn about the school and the Comet Code. The Comet Code is a school-wide behavioral system that promotes respect, responsibility, and safety.

When will students receive their schedules? How about dropping/changing classes?

Students receive their schedules in the mail in mid-August prior to the start of school. Course additions may be made prior to the start of a semester only if the added class will fit into an open time that already exists in the student’s schedule. Withdrawal from a course will be honored under the following criteria: the student is misplaced; administrative directive; undesirable conduct. A low or failing grade will not be considered as justification for withdrawal from a course.

What is the procedure for dropping off and picking up students?

Students may be dropped off and picked up on the circle drive in the front of school. Because this can be a very busy area, drivers are urged to use extreme caution.

What are the bus procedures?

Buses drop off students on Cummings Street each morning. In the afternoon, shuttle buses pick up students at that same location and transport them to Phoenix Middle School. At Phoenix, students get off of the shuttle bus and go to the assigned bus for their route.

How does the cafeteria work at DDHS?

The school provides several lunch options to students each school day. Students may also bring a bag lunch. Students may purchase milk in the cafeteria. Food is to be consumed in the cafeteria, commons, or outdoor eating area near the cafeteria. Students may use their ID card to debit their lunch account. Deposits on the lunch account may be made at any time during the school day.

Is tutoring available?

Most teachers are available before and after school for tutoring.

Is Summer School available?

Yes. Summer School offerings are made available in March. Remedial as well as enrichment courses are offered. Students may take classes to work ahead in their course work. Summer School generally takes place in late June through mid-July.

How does my son or daughter receive Drivers’ Education?

The school district does not offer drivers’ education. There are several private driving schools in the area that provide this service. A link can be found on the high school student resources page.

What are other summer activities at DDHS?

A number of activities occur in the summer in addition to Summer School. These include Open Gym, meetings for athletes and their coaches, and Summer Band Camp. Information about these activities is available in the Comet Connection and the District website, ddschools.org.

How do I find out about sports practices and schedules?

Sport schedules are available online.

What happens during Homecoming week? I.e., tickets, corsages, shirts, dance, dress up days, etc.

Homecoming Week is a celebration of the school community. It includes dress-up days for students, an extended pep rally on Friday of homecoming week, a parade on Friday afternoon, the football game on Friday night, and a dance on Saturday evening. Homecoming also includes a Homecoming Court with a King and Queen and class representatives.

The homecoming dance is a semi-formal dance. Students do not need a date for the dance, but do need to purchase their tickets in advance.

How do students audition for plays?

Auditions for the plays and musical are announced several days before the audition. Auditions are generally held after school or in the evening.

How do final exams work?

Two days at the end of each semester are reserved for final examinations. On those days, extended periods are scheduled to provide students time to take a comprehensive examination. Teachers may also choose to use other assessments during these days, including projects and oral presentations. Students do not attend study hall during exam days and may leave campus at the times they do not have an exam. The cafeteria offers lunches to students on exam days. Bus transportation is provided at the normal times.

What happens on early dismissal days?

Early dismissal days are designed for teachers to work on professional growth. School ends at about 11:00 a.m. on those days, with bus service provided.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact the school’s administrative offices if you have more questions or need information. The school phone number is: 262 728-2642.

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